DJFP Presents...

Electro House Banger?

Some Chilled Out House - Download it for Free :)

This is really what you wanna call your glasses company?

For some Soviet-Style Progressive House :D

Phone thieves must die

I finally got a new phone since my last one got stolen in Chengdu at the music fest. I’m pretty happy with it and got a second one for Mrs DJFP who was also happy to upgrade from her non touch screen  Nokia symbian phone. But still, a big fuck you to whoever stole it!!

New Electro House Track - Have a listen and drop a comment :)

Into CD after a 2 hour plane delay, still on time, locked key out of hotel room, see where this is going, just gonna fufill all of the cliches in one trip!

Nanjing airport construction - so many flight delays today, they really need to get that done!

Operation Zebrafest 2012

Not off to that smooth a start, after just catching our first train, we arrive in xuzhou and grab some pizza. The train to Chengdu is sold out of sleepers and is crammed with standing room passengers. We opt to go to Nanjing instead and take the express train. Should arrive the same time roughly.

New original mix :D

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